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Check points of your photograph

  • Must be photographed within the last 6 months
  • Front view, no hat, plain background
  • Black and white photographs allowed


【Application by mail】

  • 4.5cm (length) x 3.5cm (width)
    Please write your name and date of birth on the back.

【For online application: Upload file】

  • File Type: jpeg
  • Color Mode: RGB Color (other modes such as CMYK not accepted)
  • File Size: 20KB – 7MB
  • Pixel Size: 480 – 6000 pixel width, 480 – 6000 pixel height
    ※Please note that images that have been edited using image editing software will not be accepted.

  • – The head is turned to the side.
  • – The background is not plain white or off-white.
  • – Face expressions are significantly different from the natural ones.
  • – There is a shadow on the background.
  • – An unclear photograph which is out of focus or due to camera shake
  • – A hat and sunglasses obscure unique facial features.

Please do not use such photographs.


■If a photo fulfilling the requirements cannot be provided due to unavoidable reasons, for example, when the subject covers part of its head with material such as cloth for religious reasons or medical reasons as long as its face is clearly visible, the subject is an infant, a disabled person or bedridden, etc.

  • It is possible to use this photo by taking any of the following steps.
  • ・Call the municipality in which you reside or go to the municipal office and give your Application form ID.
  • ・Specify the reason why the photo could not be taken correctly in the Name field on the front side of the application form before sending it.
  • ・Call the Individual Number Card Call Center to inform them of your application ID.  
  • * The local municipal office may enquire about your circumstances when issuing your Individual Number Card.
    Please note that your application may be considered to be insufficient if the photo does not fulfill the requirements (e.g. if it is too dark, cannot be trimmed, etc.) or for reasons not relevant to the photo.

The standard of correct photographs

Unit: mm

This is the standard of correct photographs.
Your photograph will be scaled to 2.75cm by 2.20cm and attached on your Individual Number Card.

Examples of incorrect photographs

Examples of photographs in incorrect sizes or not meeting the designated standard

The head is not centered in the photograph.

The head is turned to the side.

The head is tilted to the shoulders.

The photograph has an object such as a chair on the background.

The photograph has a shadow on the background.

The photograph has a patterned background.


Photographs in which glasses, a hair band, etc. cover a part of the face

The frame of the eyeglasses obscures eyes.

The thick frames of your eyeglasses cover the larger area of your eyes and face.

There is glare in the glasses.

The wide headband, etc. obscure the hairline.

A hat obscures the hairline.

Sunglasses obscure unique facial features.

Accessories, etc. obscure the outline of the face or head.

The long front hair obscures the eyes/facial line.

Accessories, etc. cover face organs.

Hair volume is large while the face area is small.


Photographs that do not permit adequate identification

The red-eye effect due to flash, etc.

Facial expressions significantly different from natural ones

A shadow on the face

An unclear photograph which is out of focus or due to camera shake

Low-quality digital photographs

Noise in the image

Dots or ink blurring in the image

Jaggies in the image

Edited images such as deformation and masking