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”Individual Number Card” with reliable “security”

Temporary suspension of the card when it is lost

24-hour 365-day Call Center is established

If you lose your smartphone with an Individual Number Card and electronic certificate installed, you can call the Call Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to request a temporary suspension.
*From January 2016, requests for temporary suspension of the Individual Number Card will be received for 24-hour 365-day.

Please see here for the Call Center for the Social Security and Tax Number System

Front side of the Individual Number Card

Since the card comes with an ID photograph, illegal use is difficult

Even when it is lost, impersonation by a third person is not easy.

Various measures make forgery difficult

Laser engraved letters along with intricate anti-counterfeit patterns make forgery difficult.

IC chip

IC chip contains only minimum necessary information

No highly private information on “taxes”, “pensions”, etc. will be contained.

Stealing contained information is difficult

For various illegal methods to steal information, countermeasures are taken such as providing a function to delete contained information automatically.

PIN is required for use

Different PINs are set for each electronic certificate and application. Even if it is lost, without PIN, a third person who obtains the card cannot steal identity. Also If you enter the wrong PIN more than a certain number of times, it will be locked.

The certification of the international standard of the security has been acquired

ISO/IEC15408 certification, the international standard for information security for IC cards has been acquired.

Please read the leaflet below to learn more about the safety.