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1What is an Individual Number Card?

An Individual Number Card is a card with an ID photograph in which My Number (the Individual Number) is described.

Image of the card

Front side

Back side

An Individual Number Card is a plastic card which contains an IC chip, and the bearer’s name, address, date of birth, sex, My Number (the Individual Number), and ID photograph, etc., are displayed on it.
This card can be used as an identification card for identity verification as well as to receive a wide range of services including municipality services and electronic applications using the electronic certificate such as e-Tax.

What an Individual Card can do

As a document which certifies the Individual Number
You can use it as a document which certifies My Number (the Individual Number) in various situations where required to present My Number (the Individual Number).

On-line application for various administrative procedures
This can be used to apply online to a variety of governmental procedures starting with My Number site log-in.

Official identification card for identity verification
In a case where both presentation of My Number and identity verification are required, it is the only card which satisfies both needs by itself.
You can use it in a wide range of situations including when opening an account in a financial institution or when getting a new passport issued.

For various private on-line transactions
It will be available for various private on-line transactions including on-line banking.

Multi-purpose card for a wide range of services (*)
Multiple cards necessary for each service provided by municipalities or the state, etc., may be integrated into the Individual Number Card.

Obtain various certificates at convenience stores, etc. (*)
You can obtain official certificates including a resident record or a seal registration certificate at convenience stores, etc.

*Because the services are different depending on municipality, please contact your municipality for more details.

What is the electronic certificate?

There are 2 types of electronic certificate.

Electronic certificate for the bearer’s signature

  • Used when creating or submitting electronic documents over the Internet.
    • Filing electronic applications (e.g., e-Tax)
    • Registering for private online transactions (e.g., online banking)
  • Validates that, “the electronic document bearing the certificate is genuine, and was created/submitted by the certificate holder”.

Electronic certificate for user identification

  • Used when logging in to Internet websites or multi-purpose terminals at convenience stores.
    • Logging in to government websites (e.g., Disclosure System of Personal Information Cooperation Record)
    • Logging in to private entity websites (e.g., online banking)
    • Using services such as Convenience Store Issuance services
  • Validates “the identity of the person logging in as your own”.

2How to make an application for your Individual Number Card

The application process for an Individual Number Card is outlined below.

(1) Application via the website using a smartphone.
Take your ID photograph using a smartphone and make an on-line application from the prescribed form.

* Other methods are also under consideration.

(2) Application by a personal computer
Take your ID photograph with a digital camera and access to the website for application using a designated application form.

(3) Application from town ID photo booth
Bring an application form and take an ID photograph by ID photo booth which is approved for application
*Some town ID photo booths cannot be used for the application

Applicable ID photo booths available around town

[External link (DNP Photo Imaging Japan Co., Ltd.)]

[External link (ME Group Japan K.K.)]

[External link (Hokuryou Print Technology Co.,Ltd.)]

[External link (MIYOSHI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd.)]

(4) Application by mail
Attach your ID photograph to the application form for the Individual Number Card and then enclose the form in a return envelope and send it by mail.

3How to receive your Individual Number Card

Generally, cards are issued at your local municipal office.
After you make an application for an Individual Number Card, your municipality will send you an issue notice.

Please check here for details on how to pick up your card

4Loss of Individual Number Card

Please complete procedures to terminate functionality of a lost Individual Number Card in order to prevent possible misuse.

Functionality can be terminated by contacting the Call Center for the Social Security and Tax Number System by phone or fax.

*Fax is only accepted from the hearing impaired.


Procedures for re-issuance can be completed following functionality termination at your local municipal office, but they require a receipt number copy from a police station or police box.

*Receipt Number: a number provided to you by a police station or police box when you report a lost article.

Bring the copy of your receipt number to your local municipal office and conduct re-issuance procedures.

You can reactivate functionality if you find your Individual Number Card.

Bring your card to your local municipal office for reactivation.