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What is an Individual Number?

A fairer
and more
just society

Because it will make it easier to ascertain people’s income and receipt of other administrative services, the system will prevent improper evasion of payment responsibility and unfair receipt of benefits, and provide fine-tuned assistance to those who really need it.

Improved administrative efficiency

The system will greatly save time and labor needed to compare, transcribe, and input various types of information in administrative organs, local governments, etc.
It will promote linkage among multiple operations and eliminate waste arising from work overlap.

Enhanced public convenience

The system will simplify administrative procedures and lessen the burden on residents by reducing the number of accompanying documents, etc., needed for procedures.
It will allow residents to check the information on them that administrative organs possess and receive notices on various services from those organizations.

Individual Number is social infrastructure to improve administrative efficiency, enhance public convenience, and realize a fairer and more just society.

It is a system which improves administrative efficiency and enhances public convenience by notifying every resident who has the resident record of his/her own individual number.

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