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1What is a notification card?

A notification card notifies each resident of his/her own Individual Number.

A notification card is a paper card which notifies every resident of My Number (the Individual Number).
Your "name," "address," "date of birth," "sex," and "My Number (the Individual Number)," etc., registered in the resident record of your municipality are noted on the card.

However, without an ID photo, the notification card must be used alongside other identification documents such as a drivers’ license or passport in order to confirm Individual Number and identity at the same time.


About Using a Notification Card for General Identification (For Companies)

Notification cards can be used to confirm Individual Numbers. Please do not accept them for general identity confirmation procedures.

Notification card / Front side


(1) Notification card
(2) Individual Number
(3) Name
(4) Address
(5) Date of birth
(6) Sex
(7) Date of issue

Notification card / Back side


(1) Notes
● It is prohibited by law that a person other than those who are permitted by law copies the Individual Number. In addition, a person who falsified any matter stated on this card is punished by law.
● If you have found this notification card, please kindly get in touch with the following contact;
Call Center for the Social Security and Tax Number System (nation-wide common Navi-Dial Service)
Phone: 0570-783-578
● You have to return this notification card to the municipality upon receiving your Individual Number Card.

(2) Individual Number

2Delivery of a notification card

Your Notification Card will be delivered to you by registered mail after you register your Resident Record at your local municipal office.

Note that it takes around 3 weeks to deliver Notification Cards for newborns and people moving to Japan from overseas.

Please contact your local municipal office if you have already registerd your Resident Record but have not yet received a Notification Card.

*Your notification card will be sent by registered mail, so you must be present in order to receive it. In the event of your absence, you will receive a delivery notice with instructions on redelivery. Please make sure to receive it within the storage period, or else it will be returned to the sender.

Request Redelivery: [External link (JAPAN POST Co., Ltd.)]

3Mailed items

A notification card

・A notification card (for every household member)
This is a card which notifies each person in your household of the Individual Number.

An application form

・An application form for issuance of the Individual Number Card (for every household member)
This is a document to apply for issuance of the Individual Number Card which will be an official identification.
Online application is also available via a smartphone or a personal computer.

Application for issuance of the Individual Number Card is here

A voice message identification code and a copy of application form ID

・A voice message identification code and a copy of application form ID
A voice message identification code for visually-impaired persons which contains explanation on the notice card and a copy of application form ID for issuance.
Please tear it off and keep it until your Individual Number Card is issued.

*About scan of the Uni-Voice
By scanning the two-dimensional bar code, "Uni-Voice" with a cellular phone or an iPhone, etc., that provides a function for Uni-Voice, you can hear the information encoded in the Uni-Voice.

[The details encoded in the Uni-Voice] (The speech including the following information runs in Japanese.)
A notification card that includes your 12-digit Individual Number (My Number) and an application form for issuance of the Individual Number Card are sent from your municipality.
Your 12-digit Individual Number is XXXXXXXXXXXX.
From January 2016, in addition to identity verification, description/confirmation of your Individual Number will be required for various procedures related to social security, taxation, and disaster response.
Keep your notification card safe because it is a document which certifies your Individual Number.
In addition, it is really recommended to make an application for issuance of the Individual Number Card because it has a wide range of advantages other than certification of the Individual Number and the issuance fee will be free for the time being.
For more information, please contact Call Center for the Social Security and Tax Number System at 0570-783-578.

An envelope for sending the application form(s)

・An envelope for sending the application form(s) for issuance of the Individual Number Card (1 for each mail)
An envelope for sending the completed application form(s) for issuance.
No stamp required. 
* You can send the form with the return envelope up to October 4, 2017.

Send it after checking the points described on the back side of the return envelope and stating your name and address on it.

[Check Points]

  • Did you attach a proper ID photograph?
  • Isn’t there any omission in entry of the application date or the name of applicant (written by the applicant), etc.?
  • Did you separate the notification card and the Uni-Voice sheet?
  • Don’t you enclose any other item than the application form for issuance of the Individual Number Card?

※ For those who have an envelope for sending an application form(s) which is past the valid period for sending, and for those who wish to have an additional envelope for sending the application form(s)
You can download the materials for making an envelope with a valid period until March 31, 2021 here.

To download the materials for an envelope, here


A guidance

・A guidance (1 for each mail)
A brochure describing the Individual Number and application for issuance.

4Use of the notification card

The card is available when requested to present My Number (the Individual Number) at a counter of administrative organs, etc.
However, it is necessary to present a document such as your driver’s license for identity verification.
In addition, if you will receive the Individual Number Card, you must return the notification card to your municipality.

5Loss of Notification Card

Notification Cards can be re-issued if lost.

Procedures for re-issuance can be completed at your local municipal office, but they require a receipt number from a police station or police box.

*Receipt Number: a number provided to you by a police station or police box when you report a lost article.

Bring the copy of your receipt number to your local municipal office and conduct re-issuance procedures.

*If you find a lost Notification Card, please take it to your nearest police station or police box.

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