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Now go and get your Individual Number Card.

We ask for your cooperation in reducing congestion at the My Number Card pick-up counter.

Municipal offices are especially crowded on Monday mornings between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm.

Procedures of Individual Number Card issuance

About one month after applying for an Individual Number Card, an issue notice (postcard-type notice) will be delivered to your home address by your local municipal office.

※Details may vary depending on the municipality in which you live. Please check your local municipality’s home page.

You can check the status of your application using the Application Status Inquiry Service with your 23-digit Application ID and date of birth.

・It takes 2 to 3 days from the date of receipt of your application form or from the date of online application to be able to check the status of your application. Please try again at a later date if you have applied recently.

・Application status can only be checked if the application was submitted within the past 6 months.

・You can check the status of your application from the time it is received to the time your card is sent out. After the card is sent to your municipality, it may take several weeks until you receive your issuance notice, as there are necessary procedures that must be completed prior to issuance. Therefore, after confirming the shipment of your card through this service, please refrain from contacting the municipality or visiting the municipality to pick up your card before you receive your issuance notice.

・If you applied using the application form sent by our organization, please check the status using the Application ID written on the address mount. (Please refer to the example of the address mount for the location.)

・If you do not know your Application ID, please contact your local municipal office to check the status of your application. (Application numbers received when applying at cell phone stores cannot be used to check the status of your application.)

・If one month has passed from the “Application Confirmation Completion Date” and the application status still does not proceed from “My Number Card Issuance in Process”, please check with your municipality for the card issuance status, as the Application ID may have been changed.

You yourself should visit the service counter by the date described on the issuance notification (postcard) with required things (*).
The place you receive your card will be described on the issuance notification (postcard).

What you should bring

  • Issuance Notice
  • Identity Verification Documents (within the period of validity)
    One piece of identity verification document with an ID Photograph
    Or other 2 identity verification documents (e.g., health insurance card and pension book)

(Applies to individuals who have the following three items:)

  • Notification card
  • Basic Resident Registration Card
  • Individual Number Card

In the event that you are unable to prepare the required documents for issuance or are unsure of what documents are acceptable for identity verification, please speak to the respective help desk in the city, ward, town, or village in which you reside for more information.
*Issuance Notice may arrive in an envelope.

After your identification is confirmed at the service counter, you will set your personal identification number. Then you will receive your card.

Set your personal identification number at the service counter.

Since your Individual Number Card contains a lot of important information, the card is managed by the use of multiple personal identification numbers.
Please avoid registering personal identification numbers that can be easily guessed such as a simple array of numbers, your birthday and your address. In addition, please determine your personal identification number before you visit the service counter.

Electronic certificate for the bearer’s signature Six alphanumeric characters or more but not exceeding 16 alphanumeric characters
English capital letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9 are available and at least one capital letter and one number are required.
Electronic certificate for user identification
Basic Resident Registration Card
To support entering items on the card
Four-digit numbers
You can also set the same personal identification number.

* For details on certificates, see the page of “Individual Number Card” as well.

Issuance to representatives

*Only if you are not able to visit the service counter due to your sickness, physical disability, or other unavoidable reasons, your representative can receive your card.

*If you have lost your Notification Card at home, please report it to your local municipal office.
If you have lost your Notification Card outside your home, please report it to the police.

What you should bring
  • – Issuance notification (postcard)
  • – Documents to confirm your identification (*)
  • – Documents to confirm the identification of your representative (*)
  • – Documents showing proof of authority of representation (*)
  • – Notification card (For those who received prior to May 2020)
  • – The Basic Resident Registration Card
    (only for those who own one)
  • – Individual Number Card (only for those who own one)
  • – Documents proving that you are not able to present yourself to the service counter
    (Example) Medical certificates, your identification booklet for the physically disabled or documents proving that you are in the facilities, etc. of your representative

* Documents to confirm your identification

Two identity verification documents ①.
Or, one identity verification document from each, ① and ②.
Or, three identity verification documents from ② (at least one must have photo on it).

* Identity verification documents for the representative requesting issuance

Two identity verification documents ①.
Or, one identity verification document from each, ① and ②.

* Documents showing proof of authority of representation

For legal representatives:

copy of family register or other documents proving the qualification
(However, documents described above are not required when your legal domicile is within your municipality.)

When your representative is not your legal representative:

Sufficient documentation is required to confirm the delegation of persons with power of attorney, conservators, or guardians by the applicant, such as the registration certificate along with list of proxy acts and associated documentation.

Notes on the Handling of Individual Number Cards

The Individual Number Card is a high-precision device with built-in electronic components such as IC chips and antennas. Therefore, depending on how the card is handled, it may become damaged. When storing and using the card, please be careful of the following points.

Please keep away from high temperatures and physical forces

Heat may cause the card to warp or the electronic parts embedded in the card to malfunction, so please keep it away from elevated temperatures and physical forces as listed below.

  • Do not store or leave the card under high temperatures, such as in a car or near a heater
  • Do not place in washing machines and drying machines, and do not iron clothing with the card inside of it
  • Do not drop the card, bend the part of the card that contains the reading port, drop items onto to the card, or strike the card with any sort of hard objects, such as protruding or metal objects, which may damage the card
  • Do not touch with your fingers, dirty, press, or bend the IC chip. Do not keep it in a purse, handbag, or briefcace where it would come into contact with coins, pens, etc.
  • If you choose to keep your Individual Number Card in your wallet, please do not sit down with your wallet in your back pocket to avoid placing localized heavy weight on the IC chip

Be careful of chemicals and liquids

The information on the surface of the card can be damaged, such as the facial photo coming off, so please keep it away from chemicals, liquids, and more as listed below.

  • Cosmetics (nail polish remover, nail polish, hand creams, etc.), liquids in spray canisters (anything listed as “flammable”), gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, engine oil, rubbing alcohol, whiteout for writing, etc. Do not spill any chemicals or liquids on it
  • Do not use the card when it is wet (with water)
  • Keep the card away from coming into contact with PVC products (train passcases, etc.)

Beware of strong magnetism

The card magnetic stripe located on the backside of the card can become demagnetized, so please keep it away from the items with powerful magnetic pulls as listed below.

  • TVs, speakers, refrigerators, cell phones, handbags and purses with magnets, wallets, smartphone cases, magnetic necklaces, and the like. Please keep the card away from anything which has a powerful magnetic pull