Application by a smartphone

Email address registration

Read the QR code printed on the application form for issuance with a camera of a smartphone, access to the website for application and register your Email address

Website for online application is here *The link destination contents are written in Japanese.

Items to be entered are as follows

  • Application form ID (23-digit numeric code)
  • Name for Email contact
  • Email address

* When you scan the QR code with a smartphone, the application form ID is entered and you cannot change it.

ID photograph registration

Access to the designated website for the applicant notified to the registered Email address and register an ID photograph taken with a smartphone
*You can take an ID photograph during the registration procedure

Items to be entered are as follows

  • ID photograph registration
  • Confirmation of ID photograph registration

“Check points of your photograph” are here

Application information registration

Input other required information for application

Items to be entered are as follows

  • Date of birth *Mandatory
  • Whether or not issuance of the electronic certificate is required
  • Whether or not including your name in Braille is required

Application completed

After inputting required matters in accordance with the instructions on the screen and sending them, you will receive an Email notifying the completion of the application at the registered Email address, which is the completion of the application procedure.