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About the envelope for sending the application form(s) for issuance of the Individual Number Card

○ For those who have an envelope for sending the application form(s) which is past the valid period for sending, and for those who wish to have an additional envelope for sending the application form(s)

You can download the materials for making an envelope with a valid period until March 31, 2021 here.

Download the materials for an envelope here.

About the campaign to promote the acquisition of Individual Number Card (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications website)

“About the campaign to promote the acquisition of Individual Number Card” has been posted on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications website.
For the contents, please refer to the following link.

Period until Individual Number Card issuance

It takes about one month(※2) from the application for Individual Number Card until the shipment of Notice of Issuance(※1) by municipalities.

  • Notice of Issuance is a notification by which municipalities notifies that they are ready to issue Individual Number Card.
  • Excluding cases with errors in the application, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Application and Issuance of Individual Number Cards

Submit Application

Apply using the enclosed application card.


Receive Notice

Your Notice of Issuance (postcard) arrives by post.


Go to the Issuance Office

After confirming your identity, you will be asked to set a PIN.

  • An application is required to receive your Individual Number Card.
    You can apply via the application form included with your Notification Card, online, or at a local ID photo booth*.

*Some ID photo booths do not support applications.

Important Note

  • To submit an application after relocation, please request a new application form from your local municipal office when submitting your address change documents, or download a form from here.


  • After submitting your application, there is a 3-week processing period until your card is created.
    After this, your card will be sent through the postal service to your local municipal office, which will handle any final issuance procedures and send you a notice of issuance by mail. Please wait until you receive this notice.

Important Note

  • If you move to a different municipality before receiving your notice of issuance, you must reapply. Please complete procedures for reapplication when you are registering your address at your new municipal office.

*In the case of government designated ordinance cities, it is outside the area

  • After receiving your notice of issuance, you yourself should visit the service counter by the date described on the issuance notification with required things.

*Only if you are not able to visit the place to receive your card due to your sickness, physical disability, or other unavoidable reasons, your representative can receive your card.

The Individual Number Card has a lot of advantages:

※Please contact your municipality for more details, as services are different depending on the municipality.